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Working with Young People

My work with Young People revolves around engaging with hard-to-reach young people, addressing challenges like school refusal and confidence building, conflicts, and the establishment of boundaries that resonate with the unique needs of each young person.


Key Areas of Focus:

Connecting with Hard-to-Reach Young People: I specialize in building meaningful connections with teenagers who may find it challenging to open up. Together, we explore their experiences, emotions, and aspirations in a safe and confidential space.

School Refusal and Confidence Building: Addressing school refusal and bolstering self-esteem, I guide young people in overcoming barriers to education, fostering a positive self-image, and developing the confidence to navigate academic and personal challenges.

Conflict Resolution: Through tailored conflict resolution strategies, I empower teens to communicate effectively and navigate conflicts, promoting a sense of agency and self-advocacy.

Setting Empowering Boundaries: Together, we work on establishing boundaries that respect and honor the individuality of each young person, creating a supportive framework for personal development.

Face to Face with Young People

As a therapist working with young people, my commitment lies in establishing a nurturing atmosphere that encourages personal development, self-expression, and the cultivation of positive connections.

Working with Parents

If your child is unable to engage in therapy, I offer sessions to parents seeking solutions to enhance their children's lives. This involves addressing anxiety and collaborating with professionals involved in your child's care. It can provide a constructive path forward, alleviating feelings of hopelessness and concern.

This work is based upon a non-judgemental and open approach that engenders a sense of sustainable intervention so that the young people and families can together move forward with their lives.


I value the importance of finding the right therapist and therefore offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss what brought you to therapy and for us to be introduced to each other.  

My fee for a 50  minute session is £60.00 per session.

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