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About Coaching

As a Coach, I believe that at times we need support to address the imbalances in our lives to achieve our full potential and to become unstuck and motivated. Coaching creates a space to offload feelings, thoughts and emotions, to be listened to in confidence without judgement.


Together we will create an environment that focuses on supporting you to unlock your own potential in the ‘here and now’. This will enable you to set out clear achievable goals for your future, and bring about an experience of clarity to provide you with tools to move forward and away from feeling stuck.


Coaching is for clients who are struggling to connect with the parts of themselves that long for change. Together we can work with those unhelpful thoughts and actions that are holding you back, related to family dynamics, parenting, relationships, work, addiction, future planning and wellness.


Clients who have started with coaching, have often moved onto therapy which offers a deeper level of connection and awareness with one’s self.  


Face to Face

Our work will start with an initial consultation where we can meet each other and discuss a unique plan that suits your need for Coaching.



Online Coaching is also a way of us working together which can offer an accessible and convenient platform to access support. I offer zoom as a platform to meet along side telephone counselling.


I value the importance of finding the right Coach and therefore offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss what brought you to therapy and for us to be introduced to each other.  

My fee for a 50  minute session is £60.00 per session.

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