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Individual Therapy for Adults

Therapy creates a confidential and secure space for exploring your thoughts and feelings. Together, we'll establish an atmosphere to delve into the reasons behind seeking therapy, guiding you toward a new way of being with clarity about your true self.

In my perspective, therapy revolves around building a vital connection and ensuring a secure environment. Selecting the right counselor, someone with whom you genuinely connect, is crucial. If you're considering whether I'm the right fit, please reach out for an initial appointment.

As a Humanistic Therapist, I believe in the potential for growth and change within each individual. Our collaborative journey starts where you are, aiming to help you navigate the challenges you bring to therapy—a path of self-exploration, increased self-awareness, and understanding.

Perhaps you're contemplating therapy due to feelings of anxiety, loneliness, anger, depression, or overwhelm. During times when life feels stuck, therapy provides a dedicated space to address these complexities. This empowering journey involves working through uncomfortable emotions, fostering self-discovery and growth, as we untangle the layers of your emotional responses together.

I specialize in navigating complex emotions like anger, shame, guilt, and anxiety, identifying patterns in relationships with oneself, others, and the external world.

My focus extends to those who struggle to articulate their feelings. Opening up about emotions can be overwhelming, leading to hurdles and emotional roadblocks. Together, we navigate changes and uncertainties at your preferred pace, whether short or long term.

Face to face

Our work will start with an initial consultation where we can meet each other and discuss a unique plan that suits your need for therapy. Together we will agree a contract to create a safe and confidential space, which can offer you a secure environment.


Online therapy

Online Therapy is another way of our working together which can offer an accessible and convenient platform to access support, using offer zoom as a platform for us to meet.


I value the importance of finding the right therapist and therefore offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss what brought you to therapy and for us to be introduced to each other.   

My fees are £60.00 per session for 50-minutes.


I also have a number of limited lower fee spaces available, to people who are on a lower income. I am very open to discuss these spaces with you.

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