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If your child is unable to engage in therapy, I offer sessions to parents seeking solutions to enhance their children's lives. This involves addressing anxiety and collaborating with professionals involved in your child's care. It can provide a constructive path forward, alleviating feelings of hopelessness and concern.

As a counsellor specialising in supporting parents of resistant young individuals, my approach centres on aiding parents in navigating their child's challenges. If the child is unwilling to participate in therapy, my focus shifts to empowering parents to comprehend and address their child's difficulties. Instead of insisting on therapy attendance, the emphasis is on equipping parents with skills and confidence to implement positive changes in their parenting approach. Together, we explore ways in which parents can support their children, considering the unique challenges they face. This collaborative effort aims to help parents establish boundaries, assert their parenting voice, and cultivate a supportive home environment. By enhancing parental skills and confidence, the objective is to positively impact the child's well-being, even in the absence of direct participation in therapy.


Working with Parents 

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